Getting to Know the Prosecutor’s Office

What is the role of the Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office? As the elected Prosecutor, Ronald Frantz serves as the chief administrator of criminal justice for Ottawa County. More specifically, his office makes criminal charging decisions based on investigative reports provided by law enforcement agencies. In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office assists with investigations by providing legal advice to law enforcement agencies and aids with the drafting and review of search warrants. The Office also handles court proceedings in Adult, Juvenile, and Abuse/Neglect Courts and is assigned to handle Mental Commitment Proceedings in Probate Court as well. Appeals are researched and argued by the attorney staff members of the Prosecutor’s Office before the State and Federal Appellate Courts. In addition to these key responsibilities, the Prosecutor’s Office team also facilitates training for law enforcement and the community and serves on various committees such as West Michigan Enforcement Team, Lakeshore Alliance Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and the Child Death Review Team. Some of the attorneys on staff are also assigned to the Mental Health and Sobriety Courts.

The Prosecutor’s Office additionally provides victim advocacy and domestic assault intervention through a team of three Victim Advocates and one Violence Intervention Officer (VIO). In addition to the Victim Advocates and VIO, the thirteen attorneys of the office (including the Prosecutor) are supported by one Legal Clerk, eight Legal Assistants, and an Office Administrator. There are two offices for the Prosecutor:  one in the Grand Haven Courthouse and the other in the Holland Courthouse. A satellite office for the Abuse/Neglect Prosecutor is located at the Fillmore Complex.


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