Congratulations Dave Miller!

New Solid Waste Team Supervisor

Dave started with Ottawa County in February of 2012 as a sanitarian. His duties were split between the solid waste team and the on-site field team. The solid waste team ensures proper disposal of household hazardous waste, which can pollute the environment and pose a threat to people’s health ( The on-site field team ensures homeowner’s wastewater dispersal and water supply systems are functioning properly to protect public health (

Shortly thereafter, Dave moved into a full-time position with the on-site team; providing primarily well and septic inspection services. In July of 2015, he took over as the non-community water supply coordinator; where he continued in that role until recently becoming the solid waste team supervisor.

Since starting with Ottawa County, Dave has been involved in the Michigan Environmental Health Association (MEHA) and National Environmental Health Association. Participating in MEHA, Dave served as the MEHA Web and Tech Committee chairperson in 2012 through 2014. At the 2014 MEHA Annual Education Conference, he was the recipient of the David H McMullen – Young Professional of the Year Award. He was also the featured presenter, providing education on breweries and environmental health.

“As the solid waste team supervisor, I look forward to building on our past success to adapt to a quickly evolving environment,” said Dave Miller.


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