Sexual health educator receives preceptor award

Congratulations to Heather Alberda (Certifed Sexuality Educator with the Ottawa County Department of Public Health) for receiving the GVSU Midwest Interprofessional Practice, Education, and Research Center 2016 Outstanding Preceptor Award!

Heather was nominated by Lisa Wegner, GVSU Master in Public Health student. Preceptors play important roles in guiding students toward their future careers. Heather was Lisa’s preceptor during her practicum (September 2015-April 2016).

“Not only is Heather an exceptional health educator and preceptor, she is my number one mentor. I look up to her not only professionally but as a person. She gave me real life experience, while also equipping me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to become my own personal best in the public health field. Having an exceptional preceptor can really make or break a student and their readiness to enter the real world,” said Lisa.

Lisa was able to do health education with a variety of populations from high school students to adults, plan and implement her own health education event and do a health program evaluation. In addition to her practicum, Heather supported Lisa through her master’s research project. Today, Lisa is working at the Greater Ottawa County United Way. For more information about sexual health education, visit


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