Customer Service | Advice & Action

Living the Golden Rule; what is the true meaning of excellent customer service?

A word of advice from some of Ottawa County’s Customer Service Award nominees:

“Be there .. really listen to the person you are helping, empathize with them.”

“As you take a call for service, act like your the one calling and provide the service that you would expect.”

“Most people aren’t aware of the inner workings of County government (with which we are very familiar). Remember this, and help them navigate a system/process/service that to them may be very puzzling or frustrating.”

“Make eye contact with the customer.”

Outstanding Customer Service in Action:

Each quarter the Customer Service Team receives numerous nominations for the Customer Service Award. The stories are redacted and submitted to each team member to read. The Customer Service Team members then vote on the ones they found most inspiring. This is an extremely challenging task because the stories are heartfelt, inspiring and depict the true spirit of the Ottawa Way. These stories are too good to not share…

David Cook

“Dave has assisted and supported Juvenile Services on a number of projects crucial to our department being effective and efficient. Dave’s help comes with no conditions, a great attitude, and creative resolution. Dave does not have “no” or “problem” in his vocabulary. Dave is friendly, approachable, and good spirited. He provides great customer care and concern!”

Becky Ashcroft

“Becky went way out of her way to help me obtain a copy of a police report. I had thought that if I came in I could obtain a copy then and there. I had submitted a request on line so I did not fill out the paper copy on Thursday when I was there. The police officer had not provided me with any contact information and Becky looked it up for me. She watched for my online request and when she didn’t receive it on Friday, she had to go back to the officer to get my contact info and she called me to let me know she did not receive it so that I could come in again and do the paperwork. I really appreciate all she did. To some it may not seem like a big deal, but to me, it was. I needed a copy of that report ASAP. Thanks you so much Becky!”


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