Shelley Wittaniemi, MBA
Senior Accountant with Fiscal Services
(for the Ottawa County Department of Public Health)

Shelley served as the President of the Public Health Administrators Forum (PHAF) of the Michigan Association of Local Public Health (MALPH), during 2015/2106.

“This was a challenging and rewarding experience!
A variety of topics were covered in the meetings with people passionate about their work; creating an energetic atmosphere!”

Shelley’s duties included:

  1. Monitoring and offering guidance to MALPH concerning technical issues and developments related to fiscal development, planning, accountability, and policy development in public health.
  1. Monitoring legislative developments and offering guidance to MALPH in matters related to the public health issues identified above.
  1. Addressing such issues and carrying out such duties as may be assigned by the MALPH President or the Board of Directors of MALPH.
  1. Improving the professional education, training and growth of forum members and other public health professionals as it relates to the PHAF sphere of competence.


3 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. Thank you Shelley for your attention to detail and excellent follow up this past year, to keep us all informed on all of the state’s financial information!

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