Youth Assessment Survey sub-group reports available online: Grade – Gender – Ethnicity

Now available online at

The sub-group reports are an addendum to the 2015 Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey (YAS) featuring the responses of youth in grades 8, 10 and 12 alone; males or females alone; and White, Hispanic or Other Ethnicity alone. Since the YAS has been administered every odd year since 2005, there are now six survey years of data to more closely examine the current status and historical trends in both risky and beneficial behavior among youth in Ottawa County.

2015 YAS cover

2015 YAS Full Report 

Grades 8, 10 and 12 Sub-group Report Highlights:

  • 8th and 10th graders are bullied more often than 12th graders.
  • As the grade level goes up, so does the prevalence of drug use.
  • 8th graders have the highest proportion of students exercising to lose weight.
  • 8th graders also tend to have the most positive view of school.
  • 8th and 12th graders both have negative trends in regards to depression and suicidal behaviors.
  • Perceptions of marijuana use are trending negatively for all grade levels.
  • Perceptions of other drug use are trending negatively for 12th graders.
  • 12th graders tend to have their nutritional behaviors trending negatively.

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Gender Sub-group Report Highlights:

  • Among males who reported being in a relationship in the past year, all five questions are trending in the negative direction (as recipients of unhealthy behaviors in a relationship).
  • Females have a significantly higher proportion of depression and suicide behaviors when compared to males, and all of these behaviors are trending in the negative direction.
  • Perceptions about marijuana and most other drug use is trending in the negative direction for females.
  • Females are trending negatively in their use of heroin and hallucinogens, while males are trending positively.
  • Females are trending down in healthy weight and up in obesity, in contrast males are trending up in healthy weight and down in obesity.
  • Higher proportions of males have bad nutrition when compared to females.
  • Higher proportions of females report being bullied when compared to males.

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Ethnicity Sub-group Report Highlights:

  • White students have lower depression and suicidal behavior proportions when compared to both Hispanic and Other students.
  • Hispanic students are trending negatively in 3 of the 4 depression and suicide behaviors.
  • White students tend to have the lowest proportion of drug and alcohol abuse.  In comparison, Hispanic students tend to have the highest proportion in these areas.
  • Hispanic and Other students tend to describe their neighborhood more negatively than White students.
  • Hispanic students have significantly less students in the healthy weight category and significantly more students in the overweight and obese categories, when compared to White and Other students.
  • White students tend to have a higher proportion involved in community activities when compared to Hispanic and Other students.

Read More: White – Hispanic – Other

For more information about Ottawa County health data and reports, please visit or contact Marcia Mansaray, OCDPH epidemiologist at


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