OC seeking “top dog”

Ottawa county residents (including employees) are invited to enter a pet photo contest for a chance to be named “Top Dog” by the Treasurer’s Office. Along with bragging rights, the top five vote getters, a staff pick and a random entry will all receive gift cards and prizes. Local vets and retailers have donated over $500 in prizes. Entries will begin being accepted on April 11th online via miOttawa.org. Voting will open on May 1st and continue through the 15th. The winners will be announced on May 16th. There is no fee to enter the contest but there are some rules and entries must be photos of Ottawa County licensed dogs. If your dog is unlicensed or ‘fetching’ with an expired license, now is a good time order the license.  Once you have your license number, you can enter the contest and be in the running for some great prizes.

“Michigan Law requires that all dogs have a valid rabies shot issued by a veterinarian and a current county license. The health of our community and our pets is protected when all dogs are licensed, ” said Brad Slagh, Ottawa County Treasurer.

Not only is having a license for your dog the law, it can save time, money and emotional distress. In the event that your dog is lost, the license will make the return of your pet much easier. When a stray is reported, an animal control officer will respond. Animals who are wearing their license tag will be returned quickly to you, their owner. Very few tax payer resources are used during this happy reunion. If the dog is unlicensed or does not wear its tag, the officer will bring the animal to the shelter. Not only are the owners of an unlicensed pet at risk for a citation, the shelter will require the owner to pay a redemption fee of $50-$190. Additional fees could be added to the redemption fee for boarding, vaccines and vet services. If an owner is not identified, the animal will be put up for adoption in just four days and is available for adoption in seven days even if the owner is identified. A three year dog license can cost as little as $25. Having your pet licensed and the tag displayed is the best for the owner, dog and the community.

Prices for animal licenses:

  • Male/Female one year: $25
  • Spayed/Neutered one Year: $10
  • Male/Female three year: $70
  • Spayed/Neutered three Year: $25
  • Puppy 4-7 months of age: $10
  • Service Dogs: No Charge

Dog licenses can be purchases from the online miOttawa Service Center, or in person   at, at the Ottawa County Treasurer’s office, at many township and city offices, or at participating veterinarian offices. See complete list.

top-dog- flier FINAL


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