Customer Service | Advice & Action

Living the Golden Rule; what is the true meaning of excellent customer service?

A word of advice from some of Ottawa County’s Customer Service Award nominees:

“I always try to approach a customer with a smile.”

“I know sometimes dealing with the public can be frustrating at times, but usually if you speak to the customer in a soothing tone, and helpful manner, some that can be hostile will calm down and appreciate that you are there to help them. Many are confused how the process works, but I find once you take the time to explain, they have a better understanding.”

“Take time to listen to the customer’s needs.”

“Treat others how you wish to be treated.”

Outstanding Customer Service in Action:

Each quarter the Customer Service Team receives numerous nominations for the Customer Service Award. The stories are redacted and submitted to each team member to read. The Customer Service Team members then vote on the ones they found most inspiring. This is an extremely challenging task because the stories are heartfelt, inspiring and depict the true spirit of the Ottawa Way. These stories are too good to not share…

Deputy Eric Smith

“An iPod Touch was turned into Deputy Smith. After making a few inquiries as to who the owner might be nothing turned up. He sensed that the owner was probably a young child that was very upset about losing their item. He continued to keep checking. Even after placing the item in storage he would send an email, or make a phone call, if he thought of some other avenue he could take to find the owner. The owner was a 9 year old girl who was devastated about losing her iPod. Her, and her family, made many different attempts to see if anyone had found, or turned in her iPod that fell out of her bag at the soccer field, but their efforts never crossed the path of Deputy Smith’s efforts. On the tenth day of the iPod missing Deputy Smith found the connection that linked the iPod to my daughter. He made a 9 year old’s year by taking the time to find us. We realize how busy our law enforcement officials are. The fact that Deputy Smith took the extra time and effort to find the owner of essentially a toy because he felt it was important speaks highly to his character and dedication to public service. We are very grateful for his efforts.”

Jennell Challa

My husband recently lost his job. This loss was unexpected and something neither my husband nor I were prepared to deal with. Thankfully, Jennell has been an extremely supportive supervisor. She reminded me about resources like the EAC and has shown a genuine interest in my personal well-being. These actions make her a great boss. She went above and beyond, however, by reaching out and offering support to my husband as well. My husband is preparing to enter into a completely different line of work and didn’t know where to begin in the job hunt. Jennell provided valuable insight into the interview process and even conducted a mock interview to help him practice his interview skills. When I went to Jennell to let her know about our situation, she could have adopted a “that’s not my problem attitude” and moved on. However, she exemplified outstanding customer service when she not only listened but said how can I help you AND how can I help him. I am extremely appreciative for this helpful and compassionate attitude. Thank you Jennell!


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