Ottawa County Honors Court Employee for Customer Service

Ottawa County extends its congratulations to Ryan Gamby who was selected to receive the Outstanding Customer Service Award for the fourth quarter of 2015. Gamby has been with Ottawa County for four years and serves in 58th District Court Probation and Community Corrections. Meet Ryan Gamby at

The individual who nominated Gamby wrote:
“Ryan CONSTANTLY goes above and beyond what is expected in his job. I think almost daily that I request something of him and he cheerfully acts on it. One example: An out-of-town attorney came in for arraignment, had a pre-trial and then the defendant was sentenced. Judge ordered that the defendant be put on a Soberlink unit. Ryan was the only one available this day… he had another person coming in to be put on the only Soberlink unit left in the office, so he put this defendant on the only Soberlink he had, as she was from out-of-town. He then made a run to the jail to get another unit so he could put the original person on that unit. The defendant that was scheduled to come in was on probation and without a license, so he didn’t want to make it any harder for that person to be placed on the Soberlink as was ordered. She had already made arrangements for a ride to the courthouse. That is just AWESOME customer service. Ryan did all this even though he was swamped with extra work (he was covering for a Probation Officer out on medical leave). Ryan is just so easy to work with and truly cares about the customer and has the intuition to see how it would affect the other person. I could go on and on because this is a daily occurrence. Ryan is a GREAT team player with a huge heart and smile to go with it.”

Gamby’s supervisor agreed. “Courteous treatment makes the client, even in the worst of circumstances, walk away feeling respected and valued. Ryan provides an excellent customer experience to everyone he comes in contact with. This recognition is well deserved,” commented Alma Valenzuela, Assistant Director of Probation and Community Corrections.

Gamby is the eighth recipient of the County’s Outstanding Customer Service Award. Ottawa County employees are trained to present a friendly, professional demeanor treating customers with integrity and respect. The Outstanding Customer Service Award is presented quarterly to an Ottawa County employee who exemplifies this to both internal and external customers. Customers can nominate an Ottawa County employee for an Outstanding Customer Service award at



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