Outlook Users: Say CHEESE!

A HUGE thank you to IT for the late nights and hard work that they are putting into the transition to Outlook, resulting in a seamless process for users. For those of you who are still waiting, thank you for your patience.

Once you have converted, you will notice that there is a place to insert your image. We ask that you take a moment to do so, following these instructions. A friendly, professional,  current photo of yourself is suggested. Your photo represents you as an employee of Ottawa County and builds the County’s brand. It also gives us an opportunity to “put names with faces” and improve service. If you are absolutely uncomfortable with a photo, please use the County seal or your department’s logo.

If you have not updated your email signature, please do so. It is strongly encouraged that you follow a format (pictured below) which ensures a consistent brand and a positive image — and includes links to Ottawa County’s GovDelivery subscriptions, miOttawa.org and the County social media sites.  (Here is another link-with video- for updating that signature.)

While there is no photo policy or signature standards, keeping it polished and clean conveys legitimacy, professionalism and brand recognition to anyone who receives your messages.

If you have not converted to Outlook yet, you will want to revisit this post when you do.



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