Deputy Bennett Awarded for Customer Service

Ottawa County extends its congratulations to Deputy Brad Bennett who was selected to receive the Outstanding Customer Service Award for the third quarter of 2015. Deputy Bennett  has worked four years with Ottawa County as a Sheriff’s Cadet and three years as a Sheriff’s Deputy.

“We thank Deputy Bennett for his commitment to customer service. The Sheriff’s Office commits itself to a high level of service for the community it serves. Deputy Bennett’s actions are a fine example of his commitment to community,” said Captain Valerie Weiss. The individual who nominated Deputy Bennett wrote:

On 7/21/2015 my father, my mother and myself were on our way home from Ann Arbor where my father was getting a biopsy done because we recently found out he has cancer. Needless to say, it’s been rough lately. When we were driving through Coopersville our car broke down on the side of the highway. Officer Bennett pulled over and was extremely kind and helpful. He took my dad to get gas and he then filled the car for us, he stayed while we tried to start it but unfortunately it wouldn’t start. He gave us a ride to the gas station where the car was being towed to. He had to leave after that but we did end up getting the car started. With all the negative attention police officers are getting lately I think the positive needs to be talked about too! He gave me a great memory with my dad that I will never forget! If this somehow reaches you Officer Bennett, Thank you so much for your service. You are a wonderful person and a great role model!! Thank you for making our day!”

Meet Deputy Bennett at



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