Seventh Recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award Announced

Ottawa County is delighted to announce its seventh recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award.

Congratulations to Deputy Brad Bennett from Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office!

Ottawa County Employees continue to go above and beyond day after day. For the 3rd Quarter of 2015, 20 employees were nominated for an Outstanding Customer Service Award, some were nominated multiple times. The nominations that are coming in have been so meaningful! Ottawa County employees are creating experiences for customers that will be remembered for years to come.  Nominees for the Outstanding Customer Service Award were:

  • Marie Arnold, 58th District Court
  • Cathleen Bylsma, County Clerk’s Office
  • Tom Camburn (2 nominations), Facilities Maintenance
  • Alex DeJong, Sheriff’s Office
  • Anastasia Endres-Bercher (3 nominations), Department of Public Health
  • Cecilia Garcia, Department of Public Health
  • JoEllen Haas, Prosecutor’s Office
  • Toby Heberly, Department of Public Health
  • Kay Holden, Treasurer’s Office
  • Kevin Hoxsey, Department of Public Health
  • Shaina Kiester, Sheriff’s Office
  • Erin Rotman, Human Resources
  • Drew Shaw, Department of Public Health
  • Chris Todd (3 nominations), Sheriff’s Office
  • Jay Tubergen, Prosecutor’s Office
  • Jessica Voglewede, Department of Public Health
  • Stacy Wilson, Department of Public Health
  • Kristina Workman, Sheriff’s Office
  • Adam Zantello (6 nominations), Department of Public Health

Congratulations to all of the nominees and keep-up the spectacular service! If you wish to nominate a co-worker or promote the program to residents, details are available at Nominations can come from both inside and outside the organization. Each quarter, the Customer Service Team will review all of the nominations and select the recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award.

More information about Deputy Bennett will be posted in a future article.

Congratulations again, Brad!

Submitted by Misty Cunningham, Administrative Assistant, Ottawa County Administrator’s Office


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