Kristin Caron Awarded for Customer Service

Ottawa County extends its congratulations to Kristin Caron who was selected to receive the Outstanding Customer Service Award for the second quarter of 2015. Kristin is a Probation Specialist for Ottawa County 58th District Court Probation and Community Corrections.

“Kristin has a great work ethic and a willingness to go above and beyond.  I am pleased and honored to work with her,” said Alma Valenzuela.

The Individual who nominated Kristin wrote: “I was told by a coworker of an incident where Kristin was working and provided an example of outstanding customer service and I would like to see her recognized for her actions. Kristin had been at work conducting home checks and during one stop she noticed something to be off about a probationer’s behavior. Upon asking the probationer if everything was alright, that person confided that she was upset and considering self-harm. Kristin asked whether or not she had a plan to harm herself, and after she was shown the tool the probationer planned to use to harm herself, Kristin asked if she could turn the tool over to the individual’s social worker who lived nearby and was able to remove the tool from the home. Kristin then went out of her way to go to the store and purchase a journal and some pens and returned to the distressed probationer’s home and recommended that the person try journaling when they were feeling overwhelmed. When I heard about this from a coworker, I was extremely impressed with the level of care and thoughtfulness Kristin demonstrated in her actions. She went above and beyond by reaching out to the individual to ask what was wrong and then taking the additional steps well outside of what is required of her to prevent the individual from harm. Not only did Kristin prevent harmful behavior, but she also provided a healthy outlet for the individual to express her feelings in similar future situations. Kristin has been involved in her current position for less than a year and although she is relatively new to field supervision, she demonstrated concern and compassion that perfectly exemplifies the standards the 58th District Court hopes to set for customer service and community outreach.”

Meet Kristin Caron at

Kristin Caron


Kristin is taken by surprise as County Administrator Al Vanderberg announces that she is the recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award.



Kristin receives the award from Ottawa County Board of Commissioners Chairman Joe Baumann.


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