Outlook Users: Email Signatures

IT has transitioned some departments to Outlook. This transition is a great time to update your email signature which ensures a consistent brand and a positive image — and includes links to Ottawa County’s GovDelivery subscriptions, miOttawa.org and the County social media sites. Remember that your email signature is an important part of the County’s brand. While there is no policy or signature standards, keeping it polished and clean conveys legitimacy and professionalism to anyone who receives your messages. It also provides instant brand recognition.

To change your signature in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Email me (Shannon Felgner) from Outlook with “Email Signature” in the subject line. I will reply with an email containing my signature.
  • Select and copy my signature to your clipboard. You can highlight my signature–graphics and all–and the hit [Ctrl+C] to copy.
  • Go to File.
  • Go to Options
  • Go to Mail.
  • Go to Signatures.
  • Select New and then name your signature.
  • Paste my signature in the text box.
  • Edit it to reflect your name, title, address, etc. After changing your email address, it will appear as a hot link. To keep the link, but remove the jarring blue color, select the text and remove the underline and change the color.
  • You can add additional logos, such as your state court logo or your department’s Instagram icon, by selecting the mountains. You can add or change the landing page of links by selecting the globe.
    email signature



  • Apply your new signature to new messages and to replies/forwards and select ok.

If you have not converted to Outlook yet–IT will get to you. Contact me when you get it for signature help. Good things come to those who wait.


2 thoughts on “Outlook Users: Email Signatures

  1. Janice McLaren
    County of Ottawa
    Fiscal Services – Purchasing
    12220 Fillmore, Room 331
    West Olive, MI 49460
    (616) 738-4670

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