Keep the Bikes Rolling

County Launches Crowd Funding Campaign  to Support Bike Lane

The Ottawa County Planning Commission has launched a crowd-funding campaign to secure funds for a widened bike lane on Lakeshore Drive between Butternut Drive and New Holland Street: Organizers have until Friday, July 24 to reach the $60,000 goal or the widened bike lane will not be constructed. To date, $119, 000 has been secured—but a total $175,000 is needed. If the all-or-nothing campaign succeeds, a 4-foot bike lane would be constructed this summer. This lane would complement a 4-foot bike lane on Lakeshore between Robbins Road and Croswell Street and is part of a long-term effort to create a cyclist-safe stretch from Grand Haven to Holland.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials indicates that a 4-foot bike lane meets the needs of the growing competitive, touring and commuter cycling community which is important both for the area’s tourism industry and for area firms working to attract young professionals who are increasingly becoming involved in the sport. The 4-foot bike lane creates a safe space for these faster cyclists who neither fit well on the separated bike path where they conflict with leisurely bikers and pedestrians nor in primary traffic lanes where they conflict with vehicles.

“To push this campaign over the top, we need supporters to pitch-in at every level”, said County Commissioner Greg DeJong, Chair of the Planning Commission. “This means we need contributors to donate at the $10,000 level, $5 level and every level in between.”

The $119,000 already secured for this project came from contributions by the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, the Port Sheldon Township Board, the Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission, Herman Miller Cares, ODL Inc. of Zeeland, the Macatawa Area Cycling Club and the Holland Convention & Visitors Bureau. If the crowd-funding campaign is not successful, the $119,000 will be returned. Another opportunity to complete a 4’ bike lane on this section of Lakeshore Drive will not be presented for approximately twenty years.

“We have beat the odds in raising $119,000. I think we can beat the odds again by raising $60,000 more from the Community,” said Kerry Irons, of Pedal Holland. “We only have until July 24 to get this done, so every day counts. I call on my fellow bikers and the community to head to Patronicity, contribute to this Project, and help us make this happen.”

The campaign or go to and search for “Lakeshore Drive”. Please help share the message.


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