Deputy McDuffee Award for Customer Service

Ottawa County extends its congratulations to Deputy Rachel McDuffee who was selected to receive the Outstanding Customer Service Award for the first quarter of 2015. McDuffee is a Road Patrol Deputy for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s not often that a traffic officer receives accolades from a ticketed driver, but in Ottawa County, good customer service is practiced in every situation. This past winter, Deputy McDuffee stopped a vehicle for a vision obstruction. In this case, the windows of the car were covered with snow. Deputy McDuffee scraped all windows of the vehicle before letting the driver proceed. And, despite the citation, the driver was appreciative of the gesture. Meet Rachel McDuffee at

“I want to thank Deputy Rachel McDuffee for her commitment to customer service in the community we serve,” Captain Valerie Weiss said. “In law enforcement, we encounter some customers, like those being stopped for a traffic violation, who do not desire our services. McDuffee’s actions demonstrate that kindness and respect are essential in any interaction.”

Road Patrol Deputy Rachel McDuffee

Deputy McDuffee receives award from Ottawa County Board of Commissioners Chairman Joe Baumann.

Deputy McDuffee is taken by surprise as County Administrator Al Vanderberg announces that she is the recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award.



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