You can help keep IT inventory up-to-date

Every year, the IT Department does a physical inventory of IT desktop equipment, such as PCs, monitors, printers and laptops.  The purpose of performing a physical inventory is to verify that our inventory records are correct.  We need to make sure we know who has each piece of equipment, what their correct phone number is, additional device information, and occasionally do some physical cleanup during the inventory.  This information is important in order for the IT Service Desk to provide efficient service when you call for assistance and for financial purposes.

We have started our physical inventory for this year, and in the small sampling we have completed, have found several items that were not where our records indicated.  This can happen for a variety of reasons; sometimes our reporting of changes is not 100% complete, or equipment is transferred directly from one employee to another without IT’s assistance.

Please help us in keeping our records accurate by always contacting the IT Service Desk whenever a device needs to be transferred between employees.  We can assist you with the move if needed, or can simply update our records if you can do the move yourself.

Thank you in advance for continuing to help IT improve our service to you!

Submitted by Tina McConnell


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