IT Computer Training – Did you know?

Anytime you attend an IT computer class, you receive a reference manual for the topic of the class.  There are also quick references guides for all of the Microsoft Office applications, and other applications, available for you to take with you after class.  But did you know, that you have access to these materials even if you don’t attend a class?

All of the IT training manuals and quick references guides are available on the Employee Training Portal in Lotus Notes for you to reference or print out if you wish.  As the County migrates to the new Employee Web Portal, these materials will be available at that location.  For now, you get to the materials, do the following:

1. From the Lotus Notes FrontPage, click on Employee Training.


2. This will open up the Ottawa County Employee Training and Development page.  From there, click on Resources.


3. This will open the Resources page.  Click on the arrow in front of Training Manuals.


4. For Quick References guides, click on the arrow in front of Computer Quick Reference to expand the menu.  For copies of the training manuals used in IT training classes, click on the arrow in front of Computer Training.


5. Clicking on a choice within either of these options, will show you the PDF document.  You can double-click on the PDF to open to view or print.

If you are looking for materials on a particular application that you don’t see listed, please contact Tina McConnell @ 738-4835 or  You can also contact Tina for any requests for specialized training classes or one-on-one training on a particular topic.

Submitted by Tina McConnell


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