New Email System Implementation

The Innovation & Technology department (IT) has recently started embarking on an exciting new project to migrate our Lotus Notes email system to Microsoft Exchange. The email replacement project began in February after being approved by the Board of Commissioners. Ottawa County has been using Lotus Notes for more than 17 years, and many County processes are embedded in our Lotus Notes system. The migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange is a huge, yet exciting, undertaking for the IT Department.

The project includes migrating to Microsoft Exchange, migrating users to Microsoft Outlook for email, calendars and Connector (Notes To Do), and to Microsoft Lync for instant messaging. We will be converting your existing e-mail and calendar entries to Outlook in the process.  Lotus Notes will not completely disappear right away though.  The Lotus Notes platform is home to many applications that integrate with email, such as departmental and resource calendars, and many other departmental applications.   These applications are being converted to other solutions on an individual basis and will be migrated as solutions are determined and time allows.

The first steps in the project included ordering new hardware and licensing, which has been completed.   Rollouts to departments are expected to begin within a couple months. Training and training resources will be provided to staff prior to rollout.  We hope to have the email migration portion of the project completed by early summer.

Submitted by Tina McConnell


One thought on “New Email System Implementation

  1. I am excited about this. After using Outlook in a couple previous jobs I don’t like Lotus Notes as much. I don’t find it as user friendly as Outlook. Also, I think SharePoint would be a great tool for county Intranet and could probably handle most of the non-email/calender uses we have for Lotus Notes.

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