Rokisky Awarded for Customer Service

Join us in congratulating Mary Beth Rokisky from the Ottawa County Register of Deeds Office, who has been recognized as Ottawa County’s Outstanding Customer Service Award recipient for the fourth quarter of 2014. The individuals who nominated Mary Beth wrote:

  • “Our office hired an examiner to walk the documents through for recording at your office. They received the documents on 9/17/14 only to tell my coworker (not me) on Friday, 9/26/14 at 7:10 PM (via after hours email), that the documents were being sent back to our office UNRECORDED due to a $17.00 shortage on recording fees. My coworker was off work on Monday, so I did not receive the information until Tuesday, 9/30/14. I called your office on Tuesday, 9/30/14, and Mary Beth Rokisky answered the phone and my prayers! She was just absolutely wonderful – listening to my situation and offering guidance to get the docs recorded immediately. I emailed the docs to Mary Beth she reviewed them and noticed that I didn’t send the $17.00 to record the Agriculture Affidavit. I then asked what the process is to record the documents she explained the examiner goes to ROD first and then to Treasurer’s office for the Tax Certification. I bemoaned the fact that I didn’t want to use the examiner again because of time constraints. Mary Beth became my hero in that instant! She just said, matter of fact, just send the docs to the Ottawa ROD. The ROD office will get the docs to the Treasurer for the Tax Certification, and then will proceed to record the docs! It could happen all in ONE DAY! Well, Mary Beth received the original docs, via Fed Ex, on Wed, 10/1/14. She then CALLED me to explain that the Treasurer declined the give the Tax certification for the Deed due to a legal description discrepancy. I emphasize CALLED because she very well could have just over-nighted the docs back to me, unrecorded, (as other ROD offices have done) but she CHOSE to go beyond the call of duty and call me to explain the bad news. I could hear in her voice that she didn’t want to give me the bad news as much as I didn’t want to hear the bad news! She actually had empathy towards my recording situation! You just don’t receive this kind of service and attitude anymore well, not very much anymore. Anyway, the situation was rectified our examiner discussed the legal description situation with Cindy at the Treasurer’s office the Deed received the Tax Certification and the documents were put in the recording queue on Thursday, 10/2/14. I just need you to know, that if Mary Beth hadn’t given her very best efforts to help me solve this problem my documents still wouldn’t have been recorded! I have already thanked Mary Beth profusely but I felt the desire to go beyond my call of duty and let you know that you are definitely doing something right in your office! I give thanks to you, too, for encouraging your employees to do their very best for their customers including those of us who call from out of state to get the job done! Mary Beth’s name is now well known in my office. She will be our go to person in the Ottawa County, MI ROD office! No more using an examiner to walk the docs through only to be told 2 weeks later there is a shortage of funds and docs are not recorded! I do believe that if I had just sent the docs and the extra $17.00 back to the examiner, it would have been another 2 weeks for them to tell me that the Treasurer’s office rejected the  documents and then another 2 weeks for them to actually get the docs recorded! I might be exaggerating on this scenario’s time line, but, I do understand that if I had called your office 2 weeks ago, around 9/17/14, the documents would have been recorded 2 weeks ago because of the great service your office provides! Words cannot express my gratitude to Mary Beth and to you, Kathy, for the great customer service your office is encouraged to give! Thank you!”
  • “Mary Beth Rokisky treats each call in our office as if it is the first call of the day. She painstakingly answers each question with concern and clarity and often goes the extra mile. Customers enjoy her calming voice and professional attitude. When they come in with their document to record, they often hope to meet Mary Beth because they feel as though she became their friend over the phone. Mary Beth does not like to be in the limelight, but I just have to nominate her. She is a great asset to our department and to the face (voice) of Ottawa County.”
  • “One of Mary Beth’s main functions is to answer the phone when customers call the ROD. I can assure you this is not an easy task! Often times customers have no idea what they need or how to go about finding it so Mary Beth has to put her detective cap on and help them figure it out. We can get some real tough customers that can be
    very difficult but Mary Beth always keeps her cool. She has a very positive attitude and is always smiling. I know from personal experience that answering the phones in our department can be a huge challenge and one that Mary Beth handles with finesse! Mary Beth is an unsung hero to many customers who are muddling through such things as bankruptcy or home sales who require copies of deeds, mortgages, other liens, etc. Keep up the good work MB!”
  • “Mr. Roebuck, I just wanted you to know that Mary Beth, who answers calls at 616-994-4510, does a wonderful job. I called the number back in June and again today. Both times she was very pleasant and helpful in answering my deed related questions”

Thank you, Mary Beth, for your dedication. Read more about Mary Beth Rokisky online. Feel free to give Mary Beth a public “pat on the back” via Facebook or Twitter.

Mary Beth Rokisky


Mary Beth Rokisky & Board of Commissioners Chairman Joe Baumann



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