Health Officer Appointed President of State Associaton

Ottawa County Department of Public Health Administrative Health Officer Lisa Stefanovsky, M.Ed. has been appointed the president of the Michigan Association of Local Public Health (MALPH) Executive Committee. Stefanovsky began her one-year term on October 1, 2014. In this role, she provides guidance to MALPH regarding fiscal, planning, legislative and policy issues. Since taking on the role, Stefanovsky has worked with the association to:

• secure a $1.9 million Michigan Health Endowment Fund grant to improve immunization rates,
• pass legislation related to immunization waivers,
• initiate dialogue on expanding regional approaches,
• develop strategies with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to implement new EPA regulation changes for Type ll water supplies,
• and facilitate strategies to improve communication and resource sharing during the 2014 Ebola event.

“I am honored to serve MALPH and my public health colleagues. It’s exciting to be a part of an association that is ready with leadership, knowledge and expertise to drive positive change,” said Stefanovsky.



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