Metcalf Appointed to State Committee

Congratulations to Juvenile Services Director, Sandi Metcalf, who was appointed by Governor Snyder to the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice. Sandi continues to be a well respected expert in juvenile justice as evidenced by her leadership of a successful juvenile court operation in Ottawa County and serving as President of Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 – a statewide organization devoted to ensuring “Court-Involved youth shall be treated in an appropriate manner within the least restrictive environment that offers effective treatment and ensures public safety.” In addition, she is overseeing a statewide juvenile justice data sharing project which will eventually provide electronic linkages among Michigan juvenile courts – allowing for better coordinated and more robust services to youth and families.  These tireless efforts by Sandi, on behalf of kids, are to be commended and is a another great example of the 20th Circuit Court “making a difference”!

Submitted by Kevin Bowling, JD, Court Administrator


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