Smart Strips Save Green

You may have noticed that Facilities has been working on numerous energy conservation projects. One of the projects, located in the dark recesses under your desk, is destined to provide tremendous electrical savings:  smart power strips.

What makes these power strips so smart? These smart strips know when the computer is on or off. When the computer is shut down, the smart strip powers off all of the other miscellaneous energy grabbers. These could include monitors, speakers, task lighting, printers, calculators and more. Often called “vampires,” these electronics use energy even when they are seemingly off or in stand-by mode.

What does this really save? The new IT software powers down most computers at 6pm every night, saving about 14 operating hours each day and 48 hours each weekend. This totals 118 operating hours per week or 6,136 hours each year per computer. The software, coupled with the smart strips, turns off 1200 computers plus all of those other miscellaneous energy grabbers, conserving over seven million operating hours each year. Bottom line: The measure is expected to save $60,000 to $70,000 per year. (Of course, if you leave prior to 6pm you can turn off your computer and save even more.)


If you haven’t had this cool, smart-strip installed, contact Facilities. They will get it done right away.

Submitted by Rick VandeKerkhoff, Facility Director


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