Celebrate MLK Day in Holland

You are invited to celebrate Martin Luther King Day on January 19 in Holland. Bernard Kleina, a civil rights activist and urban photographer, will be presenting his journey at 6:00 p.m. in Holland City Council Chambers. Mr. Kleina photographed events as he marched in Chicago during the Fair Housing movement and Alabama as part of the civil rights movement. To make a reservation for the event, email hrc@cityofholland.com. Kleina’s photography will also be displayed throughout Holland City Hall and available for viewing during regular city hall business hours.

The City of Holland is also holding events for younger residents. Plans for the elementary-age students will be based on The Fair Housing Five and the Haunted House by the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center. Each student will receive a book and an opportunity to discuss discrimination and inequality in housing. This activity will be tied with Martin Luther King’s desire to overcome barriers to fair housing in our country. A peer-to-peer bullying awareness and prevention program will be conducted for middle school students throughout the day. The sessions are designed to be interactive as students think about what they can do to make a difference in the community.


Submitted by the Ottawa County Cultural Intelligence Committee


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