Judy Hanson Honored by the Michigan Association of Extension Agents

MSU Extension Clerk Judy Hanson received the 2014 Outstanding Support Staff Award from the Michigan Association of Extension Agents (MAEA). The award was announced at the MAEA annual meeting in Lansing on November 4th. This award recognizes excellence in providing support to Extension educators and specialists who work at Michigan State University Extension county offices across the state.

Judy’s talents and skills in the Ottawa County Extension office are legendary. Over the years, she has assisted Extension educators in developing newsletters, program flyers, brochures, fact sheets and news releases. She has handled registration responsibilities for countless programs. Judy is adept at compiling evaluation data collected at these programs and turning it into reports for educators. Many clients ask for Judy specifically because they know she will assist them in finding the correct publication or pesticide manual, help them register for a meeting, or direct them to the proper Michigan State University Extension Educator. One of Judy’s major strengths has been her willingness to adapt to new support roles. Over the years she has been assigned to horticulture, 4-H and youth, livestock and home economics program areas. For many years Judy assisted in the coordination of the Master Gardener Volunteer program in Ottawa County.  She also achieved the training level of Advanced Certified Master Gardener Volunteer.

Judy has worked in the MSU Extension office for the last 23 years. Before coming to Extension, Judy worked in other county departments including the Register of Deeds, and the departments that were formerly known as the Controller’s Office, Data Processing and Finance.

Congratulations, Judy!

Extension Educators, Tom Dudek and Charles Gould, presenting Judy Hanson with the Michigan Association of Extension Agents 2014 Outstanding Support Staff Award.



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