It’s all about the Service

Some say technology changes at the speed of light.  Although, County IT is not changing that quickly, there are some changes happening, that we want to share.

You may have recently called the Help Desk, and heard it referred to as the IT Service Desk. We have been gradually transitioning the name from IT Help Desk to IT Service Desk. What’s the difference between a Help Desk and a Service Desk, you may ask, besides the name? Essentially, the newly re-branded Service Desk will provide the same services to you as they always have. They answer your calls, record your issue or request, and try to fix the issue or fulfill the request, or find someone who can help you. As the Service Desk, we will be developing new methods for delivering service and streamlining our processes. We want the focus to be on servicing your needs, providing great customer service, and a great service experience. By changing our name, we want to put a deliberate emphasis on service.

In conjunction with the name change, our email address will change as well. Starting on December 1, when you email the Service Desk, you can email “IT Service Desk” internally, or externally. You will still be able to email IT Help Desk, and it will be re-directed to the IT Service Desk email. Also, on December 1, the IT Service Desk hours will be changing. The Service Desk will be staffed Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM each day to serve your needs.

Finally, you may have heard a new voice when you called the Service Desk recently. Jon Walters is our newest team member. Jon started in October and has been busy learning the ropes, and getting acquainted with our customers, applications, and equipment. Welcome Jon!

(Submitted by Tina McConnell, Project Management Coordinator.)


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