County Kudos!

Kaitlin and Aaron Becker (IT) welcomed  a daughter, Selah Drew, weighing 7lbs and 20 inches long. Congratulations!

Harold Harper (IT) passed the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam. The CAPM exam is administered by the Project Management Institute which is the largest professional association for project management in the world. The certification recognizes an individual’s knowledge of project management principles, methods and techniques. Excellent work, Harold!

Heather Alberda of the Ottawa County Department of Public Health was presented with the Roy R. Manty Distinguished Service Award from the Michigan Association for Local Public Health (MALPH) and the Michigan Public Health Association (MPHA). The award is presented to an individual who exemplifies the values dedication and spirit that Roy Manty brought to public health. According to the Michigan Association of Local Public Health, Manty’s philosophy was “helping the helpless, correcting the correctable and assisting all people to fulfillment through service.” In a letter presented to Heather, the Director of MALPH wrote, “We highly regard your achievements, passion and commitment of excellence to the field of public health.  The committee appreciated the words of the nominating committee in their nomination of you –’Heather has a passion to promote health. She diligently reaches out and connects with our target populations. She has built trust and mutual respect with teens and teen parents.’ They continued to express and demonstrate, in forty-three pages of examples, your accomplishments, publications/communications and planning for the Wear One Campaign.  No one could be more deserving of this year’s award.” Great work, Heather!

Heather Alberda, right, displays her award alongside the OCDPH Health Officer, Lisa Stefanovsky.



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