Bos Awarded for Customer Service

Join us in congratulating Mark Bos from the 58th District Court, who has been recognized as Ottawa County’s Outstanding Customer Service Award recipient of the third quarter of 2014. Bos has been employed with Ottawa County for eight years. The individuals who nominated Mark wrote:

Mark provides excellent customer service by going “above and beyond” on a regular basis. His knowledge of law enforcement is very useful in his position here at the Court and he shares that knowledge willingly. He is so helpful to his co-workers and his willingness to serve is much appreciated. He is thoughtful and patient and is a great example for Ottawa County.”

“Mark is always very willing to help out in any way. He takes the initiative to ask coworkers if he can help them. When asked to research an issue, he consistently responds very quickly. If an issue arises, he tries to find a solution. He does this with a positive attitude and a smile.”

“Mark is a true team player. He will go above and beyond to help each and every one of his co-workers in the Court. If a question arises and he is unsure of the answer, he will follow through and get back to you. He is flexible to change his schedule to cover in areas where needed. He treats others with great respect and is a true example on how to live out the Golden Rule.”

Thank you, Mark, for your dedication. Read more about Mark Bos online. Feel free to give Mark a public “pat on the back” via Facebook or Twitter.

A surprised Mark Bos is paid a visit by Administrator Al Vanderberg.


Mark Bos – Third Quarter Outstanding Customer Service Award Recipient.


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