Going the Extra Mile for The Crime Victim Foundation of Michigan

This year, Joan Grillo and Natalie Kik-Brown presented “Five Years, $50,000 & Still Running: Going the Extra Mile for The Crime Victim Foundation of Michigan” as a training breakout session at the 40th Annual National Organization for Victim Assistance conference in Chicago, Illinois. Their presentation covered the history of their unique relationship that set in motion the passion to make something good from something so horrible: The Katty Shack 5K . They included a wonderful Prezi Pro presentation, with the help of Justin Munsters, from our IT Department. The room included many of the features found at an actual race, from the Start and Finish banners, yard signs, and timing clock to a Jazzercise warm-up team. Participants learned the steps involved in putting together a community race, but more importantly, that with passion and determination, what seems like the impossible can become possible. Below are a few photos taken during the presentation in Chicago:

Learn more about the Katty Shack 5K online, and keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter!


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