Residents Give Ottawa County a Thumbs Up!

Seventy-six percent of residents gave Ottawa County government a positive rating—that’s according to a countywide public opinion survey released on September 23. Seventy-three percent of residents said that Ottawa County operations are heading in the right direction, up from 63% in 2012. Respondents rated the County well in its handling of finances and a clear majority (67%) reported their tax burden to be “about right” when considering the government services they receive.

This was the fifth in a series of biennial studies that began in 2006. The questionnaire asked residents to rank government goals, handling of finances, perception of tax burden, satisfaction with the state and local governments as well as many other customer satisfaction sentiments.

This year’s survey also probed residents on their support for a countywide road millage with 57% backing the measure. Currently, roads are funded by the state and managed by the road commission–not by the County. The County Board of Commissioners approved the road commission’s request to place a proposal asking for a half mil for local, primary roads on the November ballot to supplement their budget. The sentiment on a hypothetical mental health millage was also assessed and majority support was found.  Read the full report online, keep up the great work and share this positive news with others.

Right Direction


More about the county at, or @miOttawa on twitter.



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