Tips to Serve “The Ottawa Way”

Many customers find good service forgettable and bad service a memorable pain. Truly great service sticks with you and can completely define an experience. Here are three easy tips you can implement to provide excellent customer service:

Easy Access:  Customers want “easy access” to buildings and services, especially in inclement weather. If a customer has to park far away from the building due to lack of available parking spaces, this can cause some dissatisfaction and discomfort for our customer before they even enter the door. We encourage you to leave the most convenient parking spaces, particularly those marked one hour parking, for our customers. We suggest that you park in designated employee parking areas away from buildings. Please ask your supervisor if you are unclear where the designated employee parking areas are for the facility at which you work.

Names & Smiles: People like to see you smiling, calling them by their name and being kind. One of the easiest ways to make someone feel as if they are genuinely being taken care of is to remember their name. It facilitates the sense that you are getting to know them, which can inspire trust and confidence. Even if you offer a service that is provided over the phone, you should still smile. Customers can pick up on such details and will remember you as kind and personable.

Speed & Effort:  If a customer has a problem with your services, it does not mean the end of good customer service. Quite the opposite. Truly great customer service can actually turn a negative experience into a positive one.  You can demonstrate to the customer that you are willing to go above and beyond on their behalf. If they raise an issue, make sure it’s addressed quickly. If you can show that you are willing to do anything to solve their problem, that alone inspires brand loyalty, even if you cannot solve it after all.


Submitted by Sgt. Chris Munley, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office



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