Echler Awarded for Customer Service

Do you serve a sector of the community who does not “want” our services? Do you struggle with how you can provide excellent customer service while adhering to laws and policies? Ask Amanda Echler. Amanda has been selected as Ottawa County’s Outstanding Customer Service Award recipient of the second quarter of 2014.

Amanda is an Environmental Health Specialist in the Food Service Division of the Ottawa County Department of Public Health. According to the Michigan Food Law, routine inspections are required to ensure that food service establishments are adhering to safety standards designed to protect public health. Amanda conducts these routine inspections and educates food service employees about how to safely prepare and serve food to the public. As you can imagine, not every food service employee is delighted to see an inspector walk through the front door. Our County’s Food Service team has worked for many years to change the industry’s perspective from “enforcer” to “educator.” Employees like Amanda make the difference! Here are excerpts from the five customers who nominated Amanda wrote:

“She is very friendly and takes the time to explain the process, not just write things down with no explanation at the time. Will listen to why you do things and reasoning behind it. You feel that you can talk to her and she is listening. Very professional. She has also taught my staff with one of the classes on food safety. Good job!”

“She is someone you look forward to coming because she is friendly and she checks every nook and cranny and if she find things wrong
she explains how to correct them. She answers any question or concerns we have.”

“Amanda is always very friendly when completing our inspections. She communicates well what needs to be done if there is something
that requires attention.”

“Amanda Echler was very professional in her inspection. She clearly explained each violation.”

“I would like to nominate Amanda Echler for doing an outstanding job. I have only been in business for about a year and half and she has helped me so much. I have never felt threatened when she walks into my facility. In fact I am relieved, because then I know if I am doing everything correctly. She answers any questions I may have and is always very helpful. I take my business very seriously and would feel just horrible if one of my customers got ill because I was not doing something properly.”

Read more about Amanda at Feel free to give Amanda a public pat on the back via Facebook by commenting or sharing the status that announces her award.




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