Outstanding Customer Service Award

Ottawa County is delighted to announce its second recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award. 

Congratulations to Amanda Echler from the Ottawa County Department of Public Health! 

One thing is is apparent with 60 nominations: Ottawa County employees are embracing The Ottawa Way! Nominees for the Outstanding Customer Service Award were:

Deanna Allen – Community Mental Health
Mary Armbruster – 20th Circuit CourtMeri-Beth Brouwer Sheriff’s Office
Ben Burgess – Friend of the Court
Steven Burgess – Sheriff’s Office
Deb Connell – Probate Court
Cindy Daldos – 58th District Court
Michael Davis – Community Mental Health
Kathy Dennings – Treasurer’s Office
George DeVille – Sheriff’s Office
David Dewitt – Sheriff’s Office
Nick Dood – Friend of the Court
Amanda Echler – Department of Public Health
Anastasia Endres-Bercher – Department of Public Health
Dan Foster – Fiscal Services
Jane Gardner – Prosecutor’s Office
Michelle Gerard – Sheriff’s Office
Karen Glockzin – 58th District Court
Raechelle Gonzalez – County Clerk/Register of Deed’s Office
Emily Hoogewind – Legal Self Help Center
Kevin Hoxsey – Department of Public Health
Suzanne Kampenga – Fiscal Services
Beth Kunish – Friend of the Court
Jessica Lezman – Community Mental Health
Julia Mahn – 58th District Court Probation and Community Corrections
Reyna Masko – Friend of the Court
DeAnna McCammon – Department of Public Health
Erika McCombs – Community Mental Health
Christine Miller – Fiscal Services
Steve Namenye – Innovation & Technology
Shelly Neifert – Community Mental Health
Deborah Parker – County Clerk/Register of Deed’s Office
Judge Kenneth Post – 58th District Court
Matt Raterink – 58th District Court Probation and Community Corrections
Patricia Romero – Fiscal Services
Dan Ruiz – Sheriff’s Office
Beth Schipper – Innovation & Technology
Diane Shafer – Community Mental Health
Ravinderjit Singh – Community Mental Health
Karla Snodgrass – Treasurer’s Office
Jamie Speet – 58th District Court
Rick Taylor – Juvenile Services
Leif VanHorssen – Parks and Recreation
Deborah Vickers – County Clerk/Register of Deed’s Office
Marcia Walcott – 58th District Court
Roger Willard – Sheriff’s Office
Dennis Wright – Sheriff’s Office
Kelli Wyse – Friend of the Court

More information about Amanda Echler will be posted in a future article. Congratulations to all of the nominees and keep-up the spectacular service! If you wish to nominate a co-worker or promote the program to residents, details are available at miOttawa.org. Nominations can come from both inside and outside the organization. Each quarter, the Customer Service Team will review all of the nominations and select the recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award.

Congratulations again, Amanda!

by Misty Cunningham


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