Sheriff’s Office Assumes Spring Lake & Ferrysburg Policing Services

Contributed by Gary A. Rosema, Ottawa County Sheriff


Effective July 1, 2014, the Law Enforcement Services for the Village of Spring Lake and the City of Ferrysburg have become the responsibility of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. The mission remains assisting the residents and visitors of the Village of Spring Lake and City of Ferrysburg in a mutual desire for a safe and secure community.  This is accomplished through our dedication to providing law enforcement and related services at the highest possible standards while respecting the rights of all people.

In 1989 the Spring Lake and Ferrysburg Police Departments combined to form one department.  In an effort to contain costs and create career opportunities for their current employees, village and city representatives  along with the Sheriff’s Office developed a contract for service that fit the needs of their communities and one which would develop a partnership with the County.   With the recent change, the Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide 24 hour law enforcement services to both the Village of Spring Lake and the City of Ferrysburg and their 5,456 residents.

The primary office2 for local Sheriff’s Office operations is located within the Spring Lake Village Hall with a satellite office at the Ferrysburg City Hall. The Sheriff’s Branch Office in the Village Hall is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The office can be contacted at 616-842-1889 for non-emergency questions or call the Sheriff’s Office main headquarters at 1-888-731-1001 or 616-738-4000. The department is part of the Ottawa County Central Dispatch 911 system. All requests for law enforcement service should be made to Central Dispatch at 13-800-249-0911 (non-emergency) or in the case of an emergency, call 911 directly. There are also phones located in the lobby of the Spring Lake and Ferrysburg offices which have a direct line to Central Dispatch.

Sgt. Jason Kik who has been sergeant of our Georgetown Township operations will be assuming this new Community Policing Sergeant Position with the Policing Project in the Village of Spring Lake and the City of Ferrysburg.  Jason has been assigned as Sergeant to Georgetown Township since June of 2012 and began his new assignment in Spring Lake/Ferrysburg on July 6, 2014.  Jason and his family reside in Grand Haven Township.  Jason is a prior member of the department’s investigative division and has had a variety of assignments across the county as a community policing deputy.

The Sheriff’s Office and the County welcome aboard the following staff members as part of this contract with the Village of Spring Lake and the City of Ferrysburg.

Sgt. Jason Kik4
Deputy Curt Theune
Deputy Joe Steinhauer
Deputy Corey Allard
Deputy Sean Turbett
Deputy Adam Hill
Deputy Greg Walski
Deputy Brian Tucker
Part-Time Deputy James Dyer
Part-Time Deputy Forrest Sabo

We look forward to this partnership with the community and the local government units and appreciate the county administration and county board’s support in this endeavor.


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