Outstanding Customer Service Award

by Misty Cunningham

Ottawa County is delighted to announce its first recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award.Award

Congratulations to Deputy Ben Terpstra!

With an overwhelming 53 nominations, one thing is clear: Ottawa County has incredible employees! (Some employees were even nominated multiple times.) Ottawa County would not be what it is without such a fantastic group of employees who live The Ottawa Way! Nominees for the Outstanding Customer Service Award were:

Chris Bartaway Innovation & Technology
Nicole Bierema 20th Circuit Court Juvenile Services
Keith Biros Sheriff’s Office
Tony Boersema Sheriff’s Office
Pam Bonstell Innovation & Technology
Marshall Boyd Innovation & Technology
Linda Brown Water Resources Commissioner’s Office
Steve Burgess Sheriff’s Office
Tom Camburn Facilities & Maintenance
Serena Chauv Department of Public Health
Michael Davis Community Mental Health
Dick De Witt Facilities & Maintenance
George DeVille Sheriff’s Office
Amanda Echler Department of Public Health
Mary Frein Michigan State University Extension
Mary Hamstra Department of Public Health
Judy Hanson Michigan State University Extension
Vern Helder 58th District Court
Kevin Hoxsey Department of Public Health
Patti Krieg Probate Court
Elizabeth Kuechenmeister 58th District Court
Karen Lamb Friend of the Court
Julia Mahn 58th District Court Probation & Community Corrections
Reyna Masko Friend of the Court
Laura Mousseau Human Resources
Justin Munsters Innovation & Technology
Ria Nieboer Community Mental Health
Karen Otto 20th Circuit Court Juvenile Detention
Merey Podehl Innovation & Technology
Becky Rivas Community Mental Health
Stephanie Roelofs Parks and Recreation
Malorie Ruiter Friend of the Court
Terry Sands Clerk/Register of Deed’s Office
Lynn Simpson 20th Circuit Court
Karla Snodgrass Treasurer’s Office
Devon Stuit Department of Public Health
Ben Terpstra Sheriff’s Office
Sara Trigg 20th Circuit Court Juvenile Detention
Jeremy Vankampen Sheriff’s Office
Zac VanOsdol Clerk/Register of Deed’s Office
Jessica Voglewede Department of Public Health
Johanna Wallace Probate Court
Vanessa Werle Community Mental Health
Amanda Westendorp Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
John Wildey Facilities & Maintenance
Kelly Wyse Legal Self Help Center

Congratulations to all of the nominees and keep-up the spectacular service! If you wish to nominate a co-worker or promote the program to residents, details are available at miOttawa.org. Nominations can come from both inside and outside the organization. Each quarter, the Customer Service Team will review all of the nominations and select the recipient of the Outstanding Customer Service Award.

More information about Deputy Ben Terpstra will be posted in a future article.  Congratulations again, Ben!


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