New & Improved

It is okay to admit. We all get a little skeptical when something claims to be “new and improved.” Epic fails like New Coke, Windows Vista and the Ford Edsel have left us all suspicious. At risk of joining the list of flops, this is the new and improved Ottawa County Connections employee newsletter. Delivering the newsletter via a blog platform comes with many benefits.

1. Submissions will be delivered in a timely, “news-now” manner. Quarterly, monthly or other timed publications will cease. We sympathize if those with certain Kolbe profiles and Disc scores break out in hives from this announcement.

2. The new Ottawa County Connections can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime and from any device including your tablet or smartphone. We considered soliciting selfies of employees reading the newsletter from creative locations, but Human Resources frowned upon this.

3. Devour it as you wish. If you would like to be notified of new content, you can subscribe to receive an email message.  We will occasionally notify you through “all staff” emails of new posts and will do so more often while this newsletter is in its infancy.  These email notifications will become less frequent over time, however, so please use the subscribe feature through the newsletter site.

Thank you so very much for being patient as we tease out better ways to give you the employee news you need in a manner that works well for everyone. We are confident that as you learn to navigate this site, you will prefer this delivery method. Your feedback is welcome. If this means of publishing the newsletter fails, we may go back to Courier typeface on goldenrod paper stock.

Submissions for the newsletter can be sent to Shannon Felgner. There are no submission deadlines.


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